Lane Jacob Silverbane

A lane

  • Lane
  • Laney Boy
Gender Male
Race Acrolyte
Age 17 (Arc 1, pre-time skip); 18 (Arc 1 post-time skip)
Status Alive
Date of Birth February 14th
Place of Birth Tonoko City
  • The Cryptic Guard (Formerly)
  • The Crimson Gavel (Formerly)
  • Laser Pistol G65 X5
  • Nether Energy-Imbued Gun Scythe
Height 6 foot, 2 inches
Weight 170 lbs
  • Jane Silverbane (Mother)
  • Wayne Silverbane (Father)

The following has spoilers related to the series within this profile. Do not proceed if you do not wish to be spoiled.

General Information

Lane is the primary character of the Dynasty series. He first appears in Dynasty: Origins, which is told from his perspective.

He is an Acrolyte, a humanoid bipedal fox creature. He doesn't have a bushy fox tail, as male Acrolytes have a small tail tail that would be equivalent to a short canine tail.


Appearances (Main Series)

  • Dynasty Story Arc 1

Appearances (Other Series)

  • TOME Season 2, Episode 1 (Cameo, within the Crowd)

Personal Appearance

  • Head: Wearing engineering goggles. Colored in a light brown and gray
  • Eye Color: Green
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Fur Color: Orange, with light brown belly/muzzle fur
  • Upper Body Clothing: Usually a white t-shirt, covered with a brown or dark gray trench coat
  • Lower Body Clothing: Jean pants, somewhat baggy
  • Shoes: White and black sneakers, with lightning bolts on the sides


Lane is calm, collected and often rather difficult to anger. This could be in part due to his training at the Cryptic Academy.



Lane drawn in Chris Niosi's TOME style

This section is about Lane's history.


  • Wayne Silverbane is Lane's father
  • Jane Silverbane is Lane's mother

Little is known about Lane's parents.


Cryptic Academy

Lane was found by General Aiznoth on a Cryptic Guard expedition out into the bit of swamp land that they would soon tear down. When he was found, Azinoth took him to Baron Runo, asking what to do with him. Runo decided to enroll Lane into his Cryptic Academy rather than just killing the defenseless child. Runo knew something about Lane already but decided against the easy way out and tried to break his will through the school as Lane could potentially be useful to him.